Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Les Visible, the great Dog Poet

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The world is bathed in toxic moonlight, all day and all night long. The nightmare dream weaver is at the spinning wheel and the carpet of illusion rolls out and over us. People are hiding under that carpet; hoping daylight won’t find them for any number of reasons. We are wherever we are because of whatever we have been and continue to be. We are mostly blockheads. We don’t want to change.

Early in life one is engaged in learning and being impressed and imprinted on, which is why I think most of the problems in the world are caused by bad parenting. A lot of bad parenting comes about due to the environment people live in. Parents want one thing. The governments and society want another and the child doesn’t know what it wants, as many possibilities of expression cross its mind as it evolves. Some of us pursue what we want to do and some of us are forced to pursue what others want. Some of us find that what we pursue is not what we want. Ultimately, none of these things are, but everything is a gateway or a rest stop.

We idealize life and don’t recognize the inflexible realities that wait for us all. Hearts are made to be broken. It frees up the potential to express a deeper love. Everything is meant to teach us surrender and eventually we do, when death comes into the room. Sometimes it happens before that and that is fortunate.

Look at the world of the moment. For nothing more than profit, based on particular taste buds, people are being made sick in ways they can’t recover from; until they come up with a pill that seems to work and is attended by any number of dangerous complications. Absurd lies are fabricated to maintain a state of fear and to justify never ending aggression, murder and mayhem, against anyone that the bankers tell the politicians to go after. These lies are crafted to impact on the minds of the stupidest among us. What this tells us is that it’s a pretty large demographic, because otherwise they would tailor the lies differently and with more finesse.

Understandably, people are confused, frightened and despairing of liberation from the conditions they find themselves in. A much larger portion of the world than the living standards of the reader here represents; color, creed and culture wise, is in a more amplified state of these negative emotions, with more reason; so far. I see the peace and freedom flotilla, bound for the land of demons, as a great significator of the times. The Middle East has been a trouble zone for a long time. It is the focus of a great deal of global activity. It is seldom out of the headlines. It depends on how you look at it. As long as they are killing people in Gaza they will be killing them in America. The same people are behind both activities

A Vice Admiral of the Israeli Navy says the flotilla is going to be stopped. We know how vicious and immoral these people can be. They enjoy it. It’s their way of letting you know they are going to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to. People have a lot of views about Gaza and the rest of the dispossessed Palestinian nation. My view is that it exists as it does for Israel to practice blood sacrifices to the entity they serve. It’s a perpetual killing ground that is watered with blood, to feed a force with specific power in the passing age. As the denouement approaches, this entity becomes more frenzied for survival and those who serve it become more determined to fulfill their agenda, as the time of their termination comes.

As per schedule, heroes are rising up among us and will continue to. You can see a selection of the bad guys in the right hand menu of the link. There’s no telling where it all goes but we know that. The thing is… to remember that you don’t know and not to limit the hand of the cosmos, in your favor, with negative projections.

Two mornings ago I had an amazing experience. A window opened in my mind and I started having a conversation that went on all morning. I discovered that I had a personal concept about the power of the cosmos; how the cosmos might act, what the cosmos could and could not do and how long it would take and what was involved. It occurred to me that this was true of everyone. As much as we recognize that there are things beyond our measurement and understanding, somehow we do it anyway. I discovered that I was limiting the power of the universe in terms of what it could do to and through me and that any numbers of us were in that boat. This was not coming to me in terms of intellectual awareness. It was visceral.

I realized that I could ask for anything and that I could be absolutely confident of anything I asked for, keeping in mind that if it was actually something else that I wanted; not knowing what I wanted, that that would be substituted in its place. I recognized the power of absolute confidence in the cosmos, now that I was no longer limiting its ability to perform.

It reminded me of a story I once heard. I can no longer remember where it came from or the totality of the details, but I can remember it enough to transmit the essence of it. If you are sincerely in search of something, you can begin looking for it wherever you are, both within and without and even if the only person who had that information was living in a cave in the Andes, you would be led there or he would come to you. There is a power in the universe that operates according to the law of attraction that sets up a vibratory connection between anyone and the object of their desire. Certain things affect the connection and the delivery; intensity, consistency of focus, sincerity of purpose. There’s more but you can add in those details through consideration of what’s been said.

We don’t know what’s going to happen with all this bankster greed and depravity. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the Flotilla. We don’t know what’s going to happen with anything. We can reasonably predict certain things in the routine of our personal existence but, outside of that, we can only speculate. We’re better off working to make ourselves into better people because character is fate and nothing leads like example.

We’re going to get tired and depressed, such is the nature of the times but we don’t have to remain that way. If we get tired and depressed we are looking at it wrong. We’re resisting the irresistible, instead of letting it fill our sails. People get old that way. I’m not old and neither are you, no matter what the calendar says. We need to be filled with confidence based on a correct view of ourselves and our place in the scheme of things. We have to have perspective on how truly small we are and what greatness we are in the presence of. We have to do that in this moment and in every following moment because the time is always now and never later.

Study yourself and learn what motivates you. Direct your attention to understanding the meaning of what happens to you and around you. Don’t block out the truth of what is presented by hanging on to personal interpretations of the meaning of things. Our personal interpretations of people and things are what confine us within the reality of those interpretations. Once we recognize the extent of what we don’t know and can’t do we will be in a position to more easily fulfill all of the duties and dreams of our being. Good fortune to you all.

I’ll be away somewhere else for the next couple of weeks (leaving in a couple of days) and I don’t know with what consistency I will be able to post or whether I won’t miss another radio show on the way. I’ll do my best but I can’t guarantee anything. The components I am taking with me are working at the moment but they weren’t working before and there is no guarantee they will keep working. We’ll see. I’ll keep working on the projects that await my attention, if that’s possible. Otherwise, I will see you after I am done with some things I have to take care of.

End Transmission…….