In this story, a widow having issues with her debt, IS HELD HOSTAGE BY HER BANK MANAGER, seriously FUCKED UP right?

Well, the top comments in the article goes like this:

I usually have little sympathy with people in debt – I was taught by my parents to buy things I wanted when I had enough cash, NOT on credit – ………………… – Ferdinand, London, UK, 6/7/2011 9:11 Great theory but nowerdays a somewhat impractical way to live. Come on are we really going to believe that you saved up to buy the house you live in? Or do you rent or are simply mega rich with cash!

– Tax Payer, Chelmsford, England, 06/7/2011 19:39

A COMPLETE (excuse my language) fucking Cognitve Dissonance as to the crux of the pyschopathy within this all too common occurence within this Orwellian Nightmare…the MIND CONTROL is working, and it is terrifying. see The Millgram Experiments or The Stanford Prison Experiments to see how easy it is for the average person to be converted into a apathetic drone for the NWO

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