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(NaturalNews) In October 2011, Nikola Aleksi, leader of Ecological Movement of Novi Sad in Serbia, was arrested and fined. Earlier on his way to a conference in Belgrade, an attempt was reportedly made on his life. And Monsanto has sued him with the threat of removing him and his family from their rented flat as “collateral.” STORY

We Have officially entered into the abyss…

with WW3 on the horizon, Fukushima, the Gulf Oil Disaster, mass flooding, comet ELEnin on the way, GMO crops infiltrating

our food supply, economic collapse; we can add to the long list an emerging trend; like mob flashes to the dept. stores(false flags to justify permanent VIPR teams, omnipresent in our daily lives)  Heinous food creations emerging as a symbol of our decadent,demoralized,dehumanized lost civilization,the disappearance of reality, fueled by the ambition of the dark Occult Masters , creating a full spectrum prison grid within a redesigned Luciferian reality…..

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