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Here is a fantastic anectdote to the Libyan debacle….

Confusion In Libya

I had a great chuckle this morning perusing Gordon Duff of Veteran’s Today’s recent article regarding Libya. According to Duff, Anne Marlowe’s see Hudson Institute (neocon repository) article in the Washington Post on Libya is the truth(after much deliberation in the office’s of VT of course).  According to Marlowe, Qadaffi’s death toll has reached a harrowing 18,000-30,000 civilians, Russia Today is helping to disperse the Propaganda for Gadaffi(because Russia is Israel’s bitch of course), his supporters are quite minimal, and Libya is not any more tribal than Italy is regional, highlighting a few of these laughable ”truths”. The ”truth” that is most dubious, is that Tel Aviv is orchestrating the whole event-elucidated by Duff himself. I know Israel has their long ominous Zionist fingers in a lot of pie’s; but working intimately with Qadaffi?

 Perhaps, I’ll wait and see for some tangible proof to make my mind up on this particular  ”truth”, sounds like salt added to a bland somewhat dubious recipe. I used to lean on Duff for some good intel-um, what I thought was good intel- I am currently re-evaluating Mr.Duff.

Article here