I stumbled across this insightful essay under 500 words today on the forums at ATS. It is rare to find a non-ideological post over there. It resonated with me as I see the deep complexities of the problems we face miusunderstood by the 98%, whether through the Dark Machinations of the Occult Controllers, the pys-ops, the controlled left-right paradigms set up to divide and conquer, cointelpro operatives, sell outs, traitors at the MSM, or the Moral Depravity of the brainwashed masses. We all must face OUR OWN dark sides befor we move forward- It is not easy- It is a Formidable task that is not delightful in any way through the process, until we reach the light-To Love is far more arduous than it is to hate- Soldier on Humans- Find your humanity and destroy your demons- Ignorance is SLAVERY-politoccult

by Rockpuck  Society, Not Wall Street Needs Fixing

The two major protests regarding the economy and the political system in our country; The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, both raise questions to corruption and issues within the system, but both fail to hit on the main problem: Society.

The Tea Party’s solution is to have Government stand aside, that corrupt businesses like the major banks would eventually collapse due to their practices. This is true, but unfortunately they would take our economy down with them, the entire World would be tossed upside down.

OWS solution is to have the Government regulate further, and to tax excessive pay. The idea being that further regulation would prevent corrupt practices and taxing executives “pay their fair share”. Downside is that banks own the government outright, having the government regulate them is essentially the same as self regulation.. and taxing pay has never been an effective way of limiting pay. They’d simply pay more taxes, still living above the masses.

But the key issue to me anyways is not even an issue with corrupt government or the level or pay. It has to do with the attitudes of everyone in society. People expect bankers and corporate executives to be held to a higher standard, meanwhile our morally bankrupt society shows the exact same mentality that those on the top do, yet want to hold them to that higher standard. The rich are rich, there will always be wealthy people, and pay is an incentive to success. But there is a difference between people who strive for success while doing so with the mentality of self success and worrying about the bottom line, and those that strive to make their business a benefit to society as a whole and their employees.

However, just as a business that strives for the betterment of society and it’s employees before obscene profit, there is a difference between a person that works extremely hard, juggling two jobs to put food on their kids plate and provide a liveable environment, yet still takes time to help with schoolwork and volunteer; and someone who doesn’t work, doesn’t live as an example to their kids, spends excess money on frivolousness items while living off the State.

There is also a difference how we treat these two demographics, we demonize the self important executive who takes pay raises and bonuses as he lays off thousands of people, and we demand MORE free benefits for those that live off the government not trying to better themselves in anyway.

1% controls most of the wealth. 47% consume 90% of the social benefits without paying taxes. That leaves 52% to pay for everyone else, the median income for this group being $40k/year.

The solution is very simple. Society, as a whole, needs a massive revamping of our morals and ethics. We need a sense of right and wrong, we need a sense that we are responsible for our actions, that we should strive in life and in business to do good works. Not because Government says so, but because it’s the right thing to do. Living off the Government should be frowned upon, just as taking bonuses and laying people off, or not offering benefits to employees. And ultimately it comes down to us as individuals to impress upon ourselves and our children the morals they would need to make informed choices. If a business is violating what you deem to be important ethics that you hold dear.. Don’t give them business. A perfect example is stop shopping at Wal Mart, the richest family in the World (Walton family holds more corporate assets than Goldman Sachs) that doesn’t offer any benefits to their minimum wage employees. Or Nike who employs slaves to sell at four digit mark ups here in the States. And likewise, don’t support the enabling of the professional poor, who not just take but demand that others pay their way through life.

And when it comes to politicians it couldn’t be anymore clearer than it already is. We despise our politicians, our own Congress doesn’t even have a 20% approval rating.. and yet we vote for them anyways? Because they play for the team we think we need to vote for. Making an informed vote outside of the two party system is the surest way to exact REAL change in this country. Right now the politicians we elect are the equivalent to the twits we always elected for our school governments. Self righteous, pompous asshats. But we still elect them, knowing what they are. We deliberately elect those in that 1% to represent us, even though they don’t live the lifestyle we do. We elect officials after a term where they serve only corporate interest.. we give them no accountability. We can’t expect changes to our political system when we don’t hold them accountable.

Demanding an end to Wall Street or to “Eat The Rich!” is not a solution to our problem, it’s only a symptom. In a morally just society it wouldn’t have been an issue to begin with, if we made informed votes and informed purchases. Only we can hold these people accountable, we can cut off their livelihoods for their immoral actions, and we don’t need a bigger and more powerful government to do it.