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“Court papers filed by Sirhan’s attorneys say the state “refuses to acknowledge that hypno programming/mind control is not fiction but reality and has been used for years by the U.S. military, Central Intelligence Agency and other covert organizations.

“Though the practices of hypno programming/mind control is hardly new, the public has been shielded from the darker side of the practice. The average person is unaware that hypnosis can and is used to induct antisocial conduct in humans,” Sirhan’s court filings say.”

Seriously gave me chills down my spine, it was as though she had a gun at her back; or that she was fed Zionist psychotropic pharmaceuticals/Zionatol-followed by a heavy dose of electric shock therapy to her cerebral cortex. OR Perhaps the case could be that the death threats aren’t worth it- standing up for her country would seem a bit passe,especially at this dire juncture , much easier to take the money and run(literally) and let the sheeple sort it out amongst themselves, mind you she must have a personal armageddon bunker. It seems the USA may never wake up,recover to vanquish her enemies that have loomed inside the gates since 1913….