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How symbolic that this gut wrenching, heinous act happens the day that the Unconstitutional AND hideous, S.1867 NDAA Bill is passed….definitely a sad day for America, Liberty, Democracy et al….:(
Scary Scenes Of Martial Law

CIA’s Joseph Goebbels Magnitude Psy-Op in Syria. Hired mercanaries sniping innocent women and children in Syria, western media blaming it on Assad, very typical destabilization campaign.


note sharp demonic TEETH

Does Sandusky Have Links To Hellfire Groups? – Loren Coleman

If you live under a rock or are outside the influence of American media manias, you may not be aware of the fact that there is a major sexual abuse/molestation scandal involving Penn State.

The details of the scandal incidents are horrific. The Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal involves allegations made in 2011 against former Pennsylvania State University football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and allegations of a university cover-up of those incidents. Sandusky, a longtime defensive coordinator under head coach Joe Paterno, retired in 1999 but retained access to Penn State’s athletic facilities.

A 2011 grand jury investigation and other accounts have reported that Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant, who found Sandusky raping a young male, stopped the interaction, allegedly talked to the police (via Penn State V.P. Gary Schultz, who oversaw the PSU police department) and told Paterno in 2002.

Serpent Head Inside Human Brain Animation

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Scientists crack mysterious “Copiale Cipher”
An American-Swedish collaboration has finally cracked The Copiale Cipher, a mysterious 18th century document that no one could read – until now (includes video) story here

“Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world authority and to regional authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalizes world.”

The NWO theme seems to be a recurring one this week. REST OF STORY

Occupy’s busting out on a new path … So Adbusters is asking people all around the world to march on Oct. 29. “We want to send a clear message that we the people want to slow down this global casino.” And Adbusters does have one specific demand, a 1 percent tax on financial-sector transactions (perhaps stocks, bonds, foreign-currency trades and derivatives). Some form of that idea, known as the “Robin Hood” tax, has been around for a while and might actually fly. – Jerry Large/Seattle Times

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Robin Hood Tax: Occupy Movement now marching straight into the globalist trap

Patrick Henningsen
October 25, 2011