As we hear the crickets of opposition in the fields of tyranny, the dark Occult Masters send their orders to their dogs to increase the bombardment of reckless abandonment regarding the rights of the slaves. As natural law is ignored and ignorance is at level 5, the enlightened ones are once again amused by the detritus of an Operation that even delightful Mary Poppins would be frightfully bemused.-politoccult


from Friday June 24, 2011 by Anil Dawar
POLICE have sparked outrage after it emerged that they have been breaking into homes and businesses in a bid to highlight the dangers of burglary.

Officers have been climbing through open windows and leaving calling cards to alert residents to the threat of leaving their property insecure.

One lone woman was shocked when a uniformed officer walked into her front room while she was watching TV. Civil liberties campaigners last night demanded an end to the scheme, calling it an invasion of privacy.

Daniel Hamilton, of the Big Brother Watch campaign group, said: “This case is symptomatic of the rapid growth of the nanny state. For police officers to be entering people’s homes without invitation is at best hugely invasive and, at worse, legally dubious. Trespassing on private property, regardless of any good intention you may have, is a crime.

Home owners should be responsible for ensuring the security of their property, not busy-body police officers.”

The controversial burglary awareness programme, called Operation Poppins, is being run by the Fortune Green safer neighbourhood team in West Hampstead, north London.

PC Adam Owers defended the scheme. “It is all about raising people’s awareness,” he said.

“People don’t realise how quickly a burglary can take place. Burglars are creatures of habit, they are opportunist.”
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