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I’m not sure if this is the most appropriate title, but I know this; that affordable 3D printing will be on par with the invention of the wheel, the printing press or the internet. It promises to change where products are made; ie, giant slave factories in China,India. It will empower and re-invigorate the small ‘mom and pop’ manufacturing operation. The Pirate Bay is already on to of this with their available ‘physibles’ 3D models for 3D printing press.
Imagine, being able to print out car parts, computer cases, shoes and anything else you can imagine?! I can imagine: small local banks-credit unions or what not becoming predominant, booming business in communities-innovation on a massive scale- 3D printing, in my mind, promises to be massively revolutionary along with non-petroleum energy, perhaps in the form of Cold Fusion.-politoccult
Pirate Bay Introduces Physical 3D Printed Object Download

Shauna Myers – Public
Why was MegaUpload really shut down?

In December of 2011, just weeks before the takedown, Digital Music News reported on something new that the creators of #Megaupload were about to unroll. Something that would rock the music industry to its core. (http://goo.gl/A7wUZ)

I present to you… MegaBox. MegaBox was going to be an alternative music store that was entirely cloud-based and offered artists a better money-making opportunity than they would get with any record label.
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